[Entry Course] Container Technology: Kubernetes (K8s) Applications Workshop

[ Course Code: CN001 ]
Container Technology: Kubernetes (K8s) Applications Workshop

Course Description

Kubernetes can quickly configure WordPress. Using WordPress as an application landscape, thereby understanding the design of microservice systems.
It can also be used as a dynamic compute resource provision.

Through this course, you will be able to use Serverless K8s to implement applications on WordPress from “zero” and learn how to perform Load Test. Master the skills in just one day!

Course Outline

Container Technology Overview
Kubernetes Overview
Programming elements of Microservices
Lab session: Scalable WordPress deployment on Kubernetes
Preparation Work
Kubernetes Cluster Setup
Create a Cloud MySQL Instance
Create a PV and PVC backed by NFS persistent Disk
Deploy WordPress Instance
Configure horizontal and vertical auto-scaling
Simple Load Test
(advance) WordPress Stateless
(advance) Setup SSL Ingress

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Instructor-led Training Hours: 7 Hours (1 Day)

Instructor: Felix Tsang
Medium: Cantonese, supplemented with English terminology
Hands-on Lab: V (online)
Course Fee: HK$1,200

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