[Entry Course] Container and Kubernetes Fundamentals

[ Course Code: CN003 ]
Container and Kubernetes Fundamentals

Course Description

This course provides essential technical skills and knowledge required to manage Kubernetes in a production environment.
It is the best technical foundation course before attending Official Linux Foundation™ Kubernetes (K8s) Courses (LFS458 & LFD459).

To gain basic concepts on container and container orchestration
To get basic concepts on how to operate with Docker and Kubernetes
Familiar with the basic commands on operations with Docker and Kubernetes

Course Outline

What is container
Why Docker
Docker installation
Working with Docker – pull, run, port binding, ps, logs, exec
Why you need container orchestration
Kubernetes architecture overview
Minikube installation
Create pod and get into container inside
Deployments and Kubernetes scheduling
Scaling and Rolling update in Kubernetes
Namspaces and Labels in Kubernetes
Kubernetes network and services architecture
Expose and service creation
Volumes, Configmaps and Secrets
Daemonsets, Jobs, Cronjobs and Init Containers
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

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Instructor-led Training Hours: 21 Hours (3 days)

Instructor: Peter Ma
Medium: Cantonese, supplemented with English terminology
Hands-on Lab: V (BYOD)
Course Fee: HK$6,000

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