[Entry Course] Cloud Native Microservice Application Development

[ Course Code: CN002 ]
Cloud Native Microservice Application Development

Course Description

This course looks at the following emerging new trends of how the build cloud-native microservice.
As an application developer, you can create microservices-based applications written in Java that
run in serverless environments. The application developer will expierence how to code the application and deploy to container platform

Course Outline

Cloud Native Architecture VS Tranditional Architecture
Cloud Native Architecture Characteristics
Cloud Native Roles
Discussion on traditional application delivery/deployment and problems
Modern Application Development Road Map
Introduce for Quarkus for Microservices
What is JWT?
Lab 1 Sample Project Hello World and Deploy to K8s
Lab 2 Retrieve Parameters from API Call
Lab 3 Response with JSON Obj
Lab 4 HTTP Post Consume JSON Obj
Lab 5 JWT

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Instructor-led Training Hours: 14 Hours (2 Days)

Instructor: Felix Tsang
Medium: Cantonese, supplemented with English terminology
Hands-on Lab: V (BYOD)
Course Fee: HK$4,000

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