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Cloud Native Microservice Application Development

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[ Course Code: CN002 ]
Cloud Native Microservice Application Development

This is the Cloud Native Microservice Application Development.

Course Description

This course looks at the following emerging new trends of how the build cloud-native microservice.
As an application developer, you can create microservices-based applications written in Java that
run in serverless environments. The application developer will experience how to code the application and deploy to container platform.

Course Outline

  • Cloud Native Architecture VS Traditional Architecture
  • Cloud Native Architecture Characteristics
  • Cloud Native Roles
  • Discussion on traditional application delivery/deployment and problems
  • Modern Application Development Road Map
  • Introduce for Quarkus for Microservices
  • What is JWT?
  • Lab 1 Sample Project Hello World and Deploy to K8s
  • Lab 2 Retrieve Parameters from API Call
  • Lab 3 Response with JSON Obj
  • Lab 4 HTTP Post Consume JSON Obj
  • Lab 5 JWT

Course other Information

Hands-on Lab: V (BYOD)
Instructor-led Training Hours: 14 Hours (2 Days)
Medium: Cantonese, supplemented with English terminology
Instructor: Felix Tsang
Course Fee: HK$4,000

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*這課程同時是為 Linux Foundation CKA 課程的一個準備體驗 , 若想更了解 kubernetes 容器平台 ,我們也提供另一國際認可的 kubernetes 證書課程 CKA , CKAD 及 CKS

Kubernetes Administration Official Linux Foundation Course (LFS458)
詳情請查詢 : Here

Kubernetes for App Developers Official Linux Foundation Course (LFD459)
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Kubernetes Security Essentials Official Linux Foundation Course (LFS260)
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*我們TCC CONSULTING 專長在OpenSource  ,  同是Red Hat 和 Linux Foundation 緊密的合作夥伴, 在不同領域的 Cloud Computing 項目中有十分豐富的實戰經驗,協助企業數碼化轉型(Digital Transformation)。 Master Class 是希望可以把現在最新和熱目的技術帶給大家.

Course Content