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Container and Kubernetes Fundamentals

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[ Course Code: CN003 ]
Container and Kubernetes Fundamentals

This is the Container and Kubernetes Fundamentals.

Course Description

This course provides essential technical skills and knowledge required to manage Kubernetes in a production environment.
It is the best technical foundation course before attending Official Linux Foundation™ Kubernetes (K8s) Courses (LFS458 & LFD459).

To gain basic concepts on container and container orchestration
To get basic concepts on how to operate with Docker and Kubernetes
Familiar with the basic commands on operations with Docker and Kubernetes

Course Outline

  • What is container
  • Why Docker
  • Docker installation
  • Working with Docker – pull, run, port binding, ps, logs, exec
  • Why you need container orchestration
  • Kubernetes architecture overview
  • Minikube installation
  • Create a pod and get into the container inside
  • Deployments and Kubernetes scheduling
  • Scaling and Rolling update in Kubernetes
  • Namespaces and Labels in Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes network and services architecture
  • Expose and service creation
  • Volumes, Configmaps, and Secrets
  • Daemonsets, Jobs, Cronjobs, and Init Containers
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Course other Information

Hands-on Lab: V (BYOD)
Instructor-led Training Hours: 21 Hours (3 Days)
Medium: Cantonese, supplemented with English terminology
Instructor: Peter Man
Course Fee: HK$6,000

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*這課程同時是為 Linux Foundation CKA 課程的一個準備體驗 , 若想更了解 kubernetes 容器平台 ,我們也提供另一國際認可的 kubernetes 證書課程 CKA , CKAD 及 CKS

Kubernetes Administration Official Linux Foundation Course (LFS458)
詳情請查詢 : Here

Kubernetes for App Developers Official Linux Foundation Course (LFD459)
詳情請查詢 : Here

Kubernetes Security Essentials Official Linux Foundation Course (LFS260)
詳情請查詢 : Here

*我們TCC CONSULTING 專長在OpenSource  ,  同是Red Hat 和 Linux Foundation 緊密的合作夥伴, 在不同領域的 Cloud Computing 項目中有十分豐富的實戰經驗,協助企業數碼化轉型(Digital Transformation)。 Master Class 是希望可以把現在最新和熱目的技術帶給大家.

Course Content